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7th International Workshop for Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects
of Business Models for Virtual Goods
incorporating the 5th International ODRL Workshop

Nancy, 22 Sep 2009, France.
in co-location with IFIP I3E, 23-25 Sep 2009
and with ODRL group meeting 21 Sep 2009

A panoramic view of Place Stanislas

Keynote speaker:

Bill Rosenblatt "The Trajectory of DRM Technologies: Past, Present, and Future"

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to, the following aspects:

  • New business models of virtual goods
  • Peer-to-peer distribution systems
  • Web service infrastructures of securing virtual goods
  • Digital rights management: technical solutions, user acceptance
  • Content protection (watermarking, encryption, signatures)
  • Rights and policy expression languages, esp. but not only ODRL
  • ODRL profiles and applications
  • Rights expression/policy models
  • Policy aware Web
  • Interoperability within rights expression/policy languages
  • Economic models of pure virtual environments (Second Life, etc)
  • Underground markets: malware, copyright infringement, etc.
  • Digital libraries
  • Forensics of digital rights
  • Economic role of the actors
  • Impact on the society
  • E-culture participation
  • Social networks
  • Social commerce


09/28/2009 8th Virtual Goods Workshop and the 6th ODRL Workshop 2010 in Namur, Belgium