E-Content in a Trusted and Adaptive Web – Policies and Self-Organized Movements

Co-located with “Informatik 2013”, the Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft für Informatik, 16-20 Sep 2013

Keynote speaker:

Renato Iannella, Semantic Identity, Australia: "From Rights to Polices - Opening the Adaptive Web"

Karlheinz Brandenburg, Technische Universität Ilmenau and Fraunhofer IDMT Ilmenau, Germany:
"Is it true ?" Audio recognition and tampering detection as means for authenticating communications

The workshop invites papers to two approaches to a trusted and adaptive Web: top-down by policy-guided behavior and bottom-up by self-organized movements.

Policies help to protect and guide business and private activities in mobile systems and social networks. We invite papers about the representation of rules, rights and duties, their visualization, semantic representation, or enforcement in all critical areas of the real life in the connected world.

Self-organized movements have come up in recent time by user-driven content as well as by grassroots activities like Liquid Democracy, WikiLeaks and coordinated actions through social networks. We invite papers on p2p and m2m architectures, as well as on self-adaptive communities and their methodology, their experiences and their impact.

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